Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Gettin' ready - for what?

The letter I sent a week or so ago:

"Hello everyone :),

I wanted to take a moment to fill you all in on some Mason-Leskowitz family news.

As many of you know, G has been working full time for the Joint Science Department at Claremont, McKenna, Pitzer and Scripps Colleges. His current title is Visiting Assistant Professor - a one year position. Well, last year he was contacted by a start up company out of Canada and has been working part time for them as well, traveling to Calgary over the summer, during his vacations and tele-commuting the rest of the time. He enjoys both positions and is so good at both. But this coming September there is a very strong possibility our family of four may be heading north to Stampede Country!

Now - contingent upon the company's gaining funding and then contingent upon contract negotiations, we may be leaving Claremont as early as August.

It's kind of a hurry up and wait situation, I think. They want G, but they can't offer him a contract till they get the funding. We won't know about the funding till mid to late July! However, they are very optimistic and G tells me it is a STRONG possibility, we should plan on the move . . . but nothing is definite yet! I really don't want to start packing but I don't want to get caught in a time crunch. So instead of "packing" I'm "de-cluttering"! I'm really counting on Craig's List when the time comes!

Because this has been such an undecided situation, we really haven't spoken to many people about it, but in case it does happen I wanted to let everyone know.

Our family really needs all of the prayers, good wishes and practical ideas that you can spare us! Really! So far, the plan is get rid of everything, because moving anything that can be replaced is such a hassle and with two little boys needing much attention and TLC, during this transition time especially, hassle needs to be reduced as much as possible. When G goes to Calgary in May, June, July he'll be scouting out the housing scene. When housing is decided we'll know when school starts and plan accordingly. Late July, early August we (M and the boys) would drive up north to spend time with M's family in Washington and then cross the border, joining G in time for N to start first grade in Calgary, Canada, late in August.

So, has this brief update taken up enough space? Thank you for listening!

Let us know your good ideas, and of course - let's make plans to get together soon!!

All the best,

M, G, N and N "

So - time is passing and I need to get started. I need to do this move well - I need it to proceed smoothly, I want my family to be able to transition with no scraped knees, no bloody noses.

It is just I feel like I haven't unpacked yet from the last move! And never expecting this move to come up, I have been collecting, preparing myself for the next move to be into my own home, not another rental. I have great vision of how things can work and so many reasons why we should have so much! Because we might need it! So - now, most of it has to go - and we have visas to apply for and passports, all kind of documentation to organize and of course, we are still living our regular life at the same time - grocery shopping and laundry and cleaning and school, homework, play dates . . . lots to do! Did I mention the cat? We have to take the cat with us too!

Well, I've taken some pictures and I have a plan to go through a room at a time, decluttering and organizing and packing. It has to begin - it is just that my head is spinning - I feel that I have so much to do, but I'm a little paralyzed by it all, and not sure where to start . . . maybe if I post before and after it will spur me along?

My den bookshelf - just crammed

My 'organized' bulletin board!

My moving to do lists! 5 pages long!

Well, I hope all this helps! Right now, I feel like I should be on that program "Hoarders"! AACK!

Goal: Clean out/pack up/organize the den. STREAMLINE.

Strategy: A box, a cubby, a drawer, something, done every day.