Wednesday, July 28, 2010


The garage sale was fine. We got rid of quite a lot - there were 3 families involved altogether, and we advertised with great signs around the neighborhood and in the Penny Saver, Craig's List, Yard Friday am there were people here before we even had set any thing out! In 3 days, and 2 sales, I made just enough to pay for gas for our road trip to Seattle, I hope. The best part of the sales have been the great, warm wishes of friends who were able to drop by to say good luck, we'll miss you, - Kim C. and Monica O. were able to come.
Suraj K., Andrea M. and Erica S. have also made special trips out to see me and the boys and say good bye. Their wishes of God Speed mean the world to me. Also at church, I bid as embarrassingly emotional farewell to the congregation. St. Ambrose, Claremont, CA; wonderful music, interesting, applicable and understandable sermons and a dignified, respectful, tolerant congregation.
So, the packers came today. They worked 6 hours non-stop and finished up packing the interior of the house. Tanya, Shianne and I have been packing up the garage for a few weeks now! and still there is stuff to sort! But really, I am at the point where I'm saying "Pack it. We'll just deal with it on the other end"
and the plan when we get to where we are going - reduce!reduce! so as a family we can all healthier. You know - like wasn't there a TV show 'Is your house making you fat?" Something like that, with Peter Walsh? Isn't it Peter W something, the guy from Australia, who does the reduce clutter shows? G keeps saying, let's go for the space, not the stuff. Well, after packing up this 3 bedroom, 1 car garage house - I am so ready for it!
The movers come tomorrow. We have to take the cat to the vet for his health certificate, then dispose of whatever else is left over - like a very clean, thin mattress that we were using on the top bunk of the bunk beds. And the adjustable, portable basketball hoop - no takers on Craig's List . . . so happy G will be home tomorrow through Sunday! A week of late nights has caught up with me! To bed!

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