Sunday, July 4, 2010

Where we stand now

So, where do we stand now?
We are trying to hire movers. The company will pay for the move, but we have to figure out how we're going to do it -
Garage sale #1 went slow and steady - we still have lots to sell. Since our first moving estimate came out at approximately $14,000.00 (YIKES!!!) we are now getting ready for Garage Sale #2 on July 23, 24. Come on by!!
I'm still going through boxes that were never unpacked from the first move, and finding all kinds of trash and treasures, like 3 books on Feng Shui! I'm trying to look at everything objectively and decide hmmmm, do I really want to spend any kind of time/energy on this?
G was home but went back to Calgary and is checking on housing when he isn't working. Poor guy, he still has a long lasting viral infection that he's had about a month. Can you imagine - a sore throat for a month . . .horrible.
The current plan is to stay here till the end of the month, and then the boys and I will drive up the coast to my parents home for a little vacation, with stops in San Francisco and Oregon on the way. G should be in Calgary to welcome the moving truck and unpack, and then the boys and I will fly from Seattle to join him sometime in August.
Well - I'm trying to maintain, but this is tricky, planning an international move while still taking care of the kids and housekeeping. Any advice? We are kind of on a 23 day countdown here . . . .

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