Sunday, July 18, 2010

Trying to relax . . .

Thinking that we should 'try to relax', you know, get away from the situation so that we can come back to it newly energized, the family took a little trip to the zoo. The San Diego Zoo. Everyone should go - it was just fantastic! Was it relaxing? Not so much, but it was distracting! I'm going to try again to post some photos - wish me luck!
Well - you can see the photos above - I'm still trying to figure out how to incorporate them right into what I'm writing, when I send them over from Picassa . . .

Our calendar - G goes back to Calgary on Wednesday the 21st, the yard sale is on Friday/Saturday the 23rd/24th, the packers are supposed to be coming next Wednesday the 28th, then the movers on Thursday the 29th, I'll be cleaning house on Friday the 30th and hopefully shipping the cat to Gary that same day as well. Then the boys and I drive up the coast to San Fran., then onto Portland, then finally up to WA. We'll be there a while - I'll either sell the car or give it to Kars for Kids and then we fly to Calgary, to join G and Snowy at our new home! It helps for me to write it all out this way - wow, it really is crunch time. Yikes.

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